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A brand guideline book is a detailed personalized book that includes detailed information about your brand. This is a perfect guideline to keep your brand consistent, strengthen team spirit, and increase brand awareness.

What does it include?

Your company history.


Your mission statement, brand promise, vision, and values.

What makes your brand unique, your products and/or services.

Your brand colours, fonts, logo, and graphic elements. 

Your target audience and persona. 

What's the process?

First, you'll contact us and let us know what services you're interested in.

Following that, we will set up a strategy session to determine your brand goals and identity.

During this strategy session, we will determine what specifics you'd like featured in your brand guideline book, and base our quote off of that while respecting your budget. 

We will then stay in contact as we create your personalized brand guideline book to assure transparency, open communication, and that you love how it's coming along. 

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